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AT-REG, the Athletic Therapist Regulation Advisory Group, is an alliance of like-minded AT leaders and organizations with a mandate to advance the Athletic Therapy profession through regulation and a commitment to mirror the success of the NATA-BOC model that served to grow the AT profession (singular) in the USA. Statutory, not self-regulation, is critical to building an AT profession, not just an AT occupation.


AT-REG, the Athletic Therapist Regulation Advisory Group, vision is for a Canada-wide regulated Athletic Therapy profession. As statutorily-regulated profession, ATs will gain equivalency with their peers licensed to government enforced standards in Sport Therapy, Sport Injury Therapy and Sport Rehabilitation Therapy world-wide.


AT-REG, the Athletic Therapist Regulation Advisory Group, is a Canada-wide alliance advancing the profession of Athletic Therapy through regulation, through a protected professional title and through a legislatively-defined scope of practice. AT-Reg is aligned with the international recognition of the profession of Athletic Therapy.


AT-REG is a "brain trust" of expertise committed to statutory regulation for ATs.

AT-REG provides educational services foundational to development and accreditation of AT competency and testing aligned to NCCA and ICE requirements.

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